Last actualization: 09.02.2010

General issues about BSGE

The Bison Specialist Group - Europe with its North American part operates under the Species Survival Comission (SSC) of the World Conservation Union (IUCN). It gathers volunteer members including government officials, wildlife researchers, veterinarians and others - all experts on European bison (Bison bonasus).

Currently BSGE is chaired by Wanda Olech Ph.D. (professor of Warsaw University Of Life Sciences - SGGW).

BSGE is ment to serve as the main source of advice on the technical and scientific aspects of European bison conservation. These goals are being obtained within:

  • publishing Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan for European Bison
    - published in 2004, is an effect of collaborative work of specialists around Europe. It highlights the possibilities and means for saving this largest mammal and present the history of the species extinction in the wild and the subsequent process of restitution.
  • creation of the European Bison Advisory Center
    - a platform of communication between breeders, a source of information about breeding center and numbers of animals in captive enclosures, as the best way of improving genetic diversity of the species is a proper management and cooperation of breeding centers.
  • supporting activities aiming to increase number of European bison and continuing the reintroduction process.
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